Meckley Tea comes up with Tea Tourism as alternative to Poppy Cultivation in Manipur

Imphal: In an effort to combat the illegal cultivation of poppy in Manipur and promote a sustainable and legal alternative, Meckley Tea India Private Limited which aims to be a leading player in the Indian tea industry, has embarked on a path-breaking initiative to promote Tea Tourism in the state of Manipur.

Poppy cultivation has long been a concern in Manipur, leading to various socio-economic and health-related issues. In line with the government’s vision to eradicate the illicit cultivation of poppy and provide alternative livelihood options to the local communities, Meckley Tea India Private Limited has taken a proactive step by investing in the promotion of Tea Tourism.

Tea Tourism is a rapidly growing industry that not only offers tourists a unique experience but also generates employment opportunities for the local population.

The private company has identified several picturesque locations in Manipur, blessed with lush green tea gardens and serene landscapes, to establish Tea Tourism destinations.

Key objectives of this initiative include, economic empowerment, cultural exchange, environmental conservation, skill development and promotion of Healthy Lifestyle.

Meckley Tea India Private Limited is a start-up company from Manipur, Indian tea industry, committing for producing high-quality tea and contributing to the socio-economic development of the regions in which it operates.

It invites the support and collaboration of the government, local communities, and stakeholders in making this initiative a resounding success.

“Together, we can eliminate the menace of poppy cultivation and transform Manipur into a hub of sustainable tea tourism.”

“Assam has 312000 hectares area for Tea cultivation producing 700 million kg of

Tea. If so, Manipur can produce 16,826.92 kilograms of tea in the 7,500 hectares of poppy cultivating areas and can generate approximately Rs 72 crores of income. This initiative can provide employment and curbe 9 percent unemployment rate of Manipur, which will help to GDP growth of Manipur”.

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