Manipur farmers lament over death of Rs 20 crore pigs, pork lovers rush for cheap meat

Imphal: Manipur pig farmers remained helpless as 90 per cent of pig population in farms of five valley districts died in an unknown disease wave that spreaded like wildfire.

Pork lovers were seen crowded in line in front of meat shops as price of pork drastically falls from Rs 350-400 to Rs 180-200 in few days.

Piggery which has been becoming a profitable business in Manipur will be vanished in the next few years, if the state government fails to look into the issues on mass death of pigs with an unknown disease, said Manipur Progressive Pig Farmers’ Association.

A farmer on Wednesday deposited a carcass of pig at state Veterinary department, Imphal East for autopsy.

Joint secretary of the association, Leishangbam Bidyasagar told reporters at Manipur Press Club, here that with an unknown disease seem to be an epidemic, around 90 per cent of pig population in 5 valley districts are dead. The livestock would worth around Rs 20 crore.

Many farmers take loan for piggery business.  With the mass death of pigs, farmers are facing a major issue and most of them are unable to pay the debt, he added.

He said in 2018 Manipur had faced African Swine Fever (ASF) and many pigs died. Importing of pigs from Dimapur and Myanmar was also started due to the high demand of pork in Manipur.

Again during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 with death of pigs by unknown diseases many farmers had faced a severe issue.

Bidyasagar said the association approached state veterinary department to test the carcass of pig to find out the cause of dead and to find out preventive measures. The state veterinary accepted the approach of the association. However they were informed to carry all the expenses of autopsy, testing, vehicle fare to carry carcass, charge of sanitization and others. However, the authority concerned failed to give a confirmed report on the cause of dead, he added.

“The association also submitted a memorandum to concerned minister to compensate some amount to the affected farmers. No response has been made till date,” said Bidyasagar.

It seems like there is no state veterinary department in Manipur to look into these issues.

He further appealed the authority concerned and state government to look into the matter seriously as many of the piggery farmers are facing a severe problem amid the present crisis.

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