Imphal: Following Monday morning attack to the convoy of Manipur chief minister N. Biren Singh’s security in Kangpokpi district, Manipur chief minister N. Biren Singh has asked the people to decide on ‘Who will stay with Manipur government’.

The chief minister made his remark while talking to reporters at Shija Hospital and Research Centre, here. He was at the hospital to check the condition of the state security personnel who was injured (bullet injury on the back) in the attack at T. Laijang village in Kangpokpi.

Asking the people to take the decision on staying with Manipur government, the chief minister said, “We will try to tighten the rule of law which remained loose for some time in the state.

“The attack to the advance security convoy of a chief minister is regarded as direct attack to the chief minister. I strongly condemn it,” Biren said.

The chief minister returned to Manipur on Monday. He said he took part in the swearing-in ceremony of the Prime Minister of the nation as a chief minister. “I know the state is reeling under violence.”

He said he monitored the situation of Jiribam from Delhi, ‘it was tragic and violent’. Chating on live with Jiribam people on phone, the chief minister said, he told them that he will visit the district in a few days as per convenience and take up relief measures.

He said other chief ministers are still at the nation capital. “I return today in wake of the chaos in the state.”

The Chief minister made a schedule to visit Jiribam on Tuesday.

“I could not believe when I heard about the ambush that injured a security driver. We have not retaliated in such past acts with the hope that an understanding will be brought through possible ways like dialogues. But their nature is as if there is no state government which disheartens me. It’s like a mockery and taking lightly of the machinery. They frequently acted in this way and the government has been tolerating.”

“The government will now take a strong decision,” he added.

Kuki militants have been attacking Meitei villages and government machineries since the outbreak of Meitei-Kuki conflict, which is otherwise regarded as external aggression by experts.

Ten Kuki MLAs of Manipur have been demanding a separate administration and Kuki people make related demand of a Kuki land by bifurgating Manipur land.

Regarding his visit schedule to Jiribam, Biren said, he will tell about it at the right time.

The injured personnel was said to be out of danger.

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