Imphal: Manipur police on Saturday foiled attempt to establish “Paite Bazar” forcibly at Khumujamba Leikai in Churachandpur district.

Khumujamba Leikai, Churachandpur district is a village where Meitei community resides. As Churachandpur district is a Kuki dominated district, Meitei in the Khumujamba Leikai has been residing as minority community.

After the last year’s May 3 incident, all the houses belonging to Meitei were set ablaze by Kuki with their militants and the Meitei community residing the village were forcibly sent away.

Community of Churachandpur with Kuki militants bulldozed all the structures into ground.

According to Manipur police it is said that a report was received on Saturday evening that some market vendors had gathered at Khumujamba area of Churachandpur, a police team immediately rushed to the spot and cleared the area.

The swift action of Manipur police vacate the area. Twenty-four people were detained and released on PR bond later.

A police team was stationed at Khumujamba to prevent any untoward incident.

Police say the area will be secured from illegal activities and encroachment as per Supreme Court guidelines.

The 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly unanimously passed, ‘The Manipur Names of Places Bill, 2024 (Bill no.4 of 2024)’ to safeguard the indigenous names of places from unauthorised alteration of names.

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