Imphal: Following beheading of a man in Jiribam district of Manipur on Thursday, district magistrate has imposed indefinite curfew in the district.

The district magistrate Krishna Kumar has also asked the superintendent of police, Jiribam  to utilize the security forces available in the district to avoid any unwanted incidents.

It asked to identify vulnerable pockets and to deploy security forces, and to coordinate with the superintendent of police, Tamenglong, to maintain the law and order in the neighboring areas of Jiribam and Tamenglong.

The curfew was imposed as ‘there is likelihood of wide spread disturbance to peace and public tranquility or a riot or any affray because of the unlawful activIties or some anti-social elements for furtherance of their evil designs’.

Assembly of five or more persons which is likely to turn unlawful is prohibited. The curfew prohibits carrying of fire arms, swords, sticks, stone or other lethal weapons, sharp edged article/objects of any description which can be used as offensive weapons.

‘This order shall not apply to the government agencies/functionaries and security forces involved in the enforcenment of law and order and other essential services’.

“Jiribam district is facing a dificult time in terms of law and order, public peace and tranquility. There is apprehension of rioting and burning of public and private properties within the district,” the district magistrate said in a public appeal.

While the District Administration has promulgated Public Curfew prohibiting the movement of all persons outside their respective residences, it is also trying to help all persons in need during these trying times. The district police and security forces are trying their best to bring the situation under control, said the magistrate.

This appeal is made to all sections of society, especially the people of Jiribam district to maintain peace and calm and not succumb to any false information and stop all activities

that are detrimental to public peace and tranquility, it said.

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