Imphal: The peace talk with Pambei let UNLF (United National Liberation Front) has not started yet, acting chairman of Pambei led UNLF M. Nongyai said on Saturday.

The revolutionary leader disclosed that peace talks with the central government will commence only after the formation of the new central government.

He indicated that the initiation of talks might take few years, citing the necessity to produce a comprehensive white paper beforehand.

The Pambei-led UNLF, which inked a peace agreement with the central government on November 29, 2023, is currently focused on crafting a white paper, drawing parallels to the Naga peace talks that took three years to produce a similar document.

Nongyai, speaking on the sidelines of the “Katthokkhraba Singgi Ningsing Numit” held at Nongpok Sanjenbam in Imphal East, stressed the importance of thorough studies and historical analysis.

He said the talks will not be conducted solely at the bureaucratic level, citing past merger agreements in Manipur as examples.

Regarding the arrest of three key office bearers, including the army chief of the Pambei-led UNLF by the NIA on March 13, Nongyai revealed that they have been prohibited from meeting the detainees due to ongoing investigations.

However, family members have been permitted to visit them, he added.

The state government claimed an inability to intervene in the matter, he said, adding the central government asserted that its hands were tied due to the constraints imposed by the Election Model Code of Conduct, he informed.

Nongyai expressed hopes for discussions on the matter post the formation of the new government.

On the timeline for the detainees’ release, Nongyai said the NIA might not consider their release for at least six months. He outlined plans to pursue legal avenues, including bail or Supreme Court intervention, if necessary.

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