Imphal: Retaining wall constructed along Imphal river at Khongnang Pheidekpi near Friend’s Union Club is becoming vulnerable as the construction has been pending for eight months.

It is said that the contract for construction of the retaining wall is done by brother of minister Awangbow Newmai. The construction has stopped before its completion.

Locals of the area made several complaint to local MLA Karam Shyam and to the authority concerned with an apprehension that due to the incompletion of the wall the locality might face severe problems with the coming of monsoon.

Despite several complaints, no positive steps for completion of the construction has been made till date.

The locals feel that the local MLA is not able to take necessary steps as the contractor is the brother of minister Awangbow Newmai.

The locals seek attention of the government to complete the construction work before the advent of the monsoon.

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