Imphal: An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was found planted at Singjamei Mayengbam Leikai at the residence of one Sapam Romi during the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday.

With timely intervention by the locals the IED was diffused.

The incident occurred at around 1.28 am on Thursday as one

The IED was found planted on Thursday at around 1: 30 am at the residence of one Sapam Romi, 43, son of late S. Ibobi of Singjamei Mayengbam Leikai, adjacent to JK Enterprises (former Sapam Mill), Imphal West under the jurisdiction of Singjamei Police station.

Singjamei Mayengbam Leikai Apunba Lup staged a sit-in in front of the residence of Romi.

Secretary of Singjamei Mayengbam Leikai Apunba Lup, Sapam Diparani told reporters that the locals of the area strongly condemn planting of such high intensity bomb in residential area amidst the crisis.

She urged the state government to investigate the incident properly and demanded that similar incident should not be repeated.

Diparani said planting of bombs, hurling of grenades and firing at residential areas have been frequently occurring in the past few months, due to the failure of law and order of the state.

Sanathoi who is the wife of Romi said those miscreants should clarify why the bomb was planted at her residence. Many lives could be lost if the bomb had exploded.

Romi runs an electric rickshaw, due to some mechanical problem in his commercial vehicle, he has temporary stopped his service some days back.

A local witness said, she was returning from a hospital as one of her relative was admitted due to some health issue. When she was about to reach JK Enterprises she saw something burning. Shen she gets closer something like cordtex was burning suspected to be a bomb.

She along with some other locals immediately extinguish the burning cordtex with water and immediately reported to police.

A team of bomb disposal squad of CID (Tech) along with Singjamei Police rushed to the spot and disabled the IED safely. The IED has been deposited at the custody of Singjamei Police station.

It was reported that there were iron nails, iron balls, gun powder and small pebbles inside the IED which could be used as splinters. The police team also seized about three metre long wire along with the IED.

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