Imphal: All Manipur Women’s Social Reformation and Development Samaj (Nupi Samaj) has revealed that ministers and bureaucrats of Manipur are found involved in sex rackets in Manipur and warned to stop such activities immediately.

Advisor of Nupi Samaj, Th. Indu told reporters here on Thursday that at around 7.30 pm of Wednesday seven girls and six men were brought at the office of Nupi Samaj by a team of Kadangband Village Volunteer. They were apprehended by the village volunteers after learning that they are involve in sex rackets.

The six men were released after the village volunteers and Nupi Samaj were assured by them that they will not repeat similar activities in the near future.

However, the seven girls were under the influence of drugs. So, they were kept under the custody of Nupi Samaj along with some members of Nupi Samaj.

Volunteers of Meitei Leimarol Sinaishang were also approached by Nupi Samaj to provide medical treatment and counselling.

It was learnt from the girls that there is involvement of ministers and bureaucrats of Manipur, Indu said.

Nupi Samaj has all the details as disclosed by the girls and warned the ministers and bureaucrats who are involved in sex rackets to immediately stop the business, she added.

Later, the girls were handed over to the family members after taking a consent that they will not repeat similar activities in the future.

Nupi Samaj will keep vigil on the girls and if similar activities are found repeated, they will bear the consequences, Indu said.

The pimp who was among the six men apprehended by the Kadangband village volunteers and do not want to disclose his identity clarified and accepted that he had done an anti-social activity due to his vested interest to get money. He assured that similar activities will not be repeated and he will accept any sort of punishment if he is repeats similar activities.

He is a beautician by profession and started the business of pimp about two months ago. He said that a person called him on Wednesday evening and he was asked that Kadangband village volunteer wanted to meet him.

He was interrogated by the village volunteers and based on his source the said girls and men were picked up by the village volunteers and handed over to Nupi Samaj.

He said he contacted the girls who want financial assistance for their studies and other domestic needs and provided them to men.

The pimp revealed that each girl is charged around Rs 5,000 to Rs 6,000 and he get commission of around Rs 1,000, Rs 500.

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