Imphal: In a historic moment, seven women shaved their heads in protest against the government and took out a cycle rally from Awang Sekmai to Kangla in Imphal demanding the authorities to protect the indigenous people and territorial integrity of Manipur, on Friday.

The shaved women and scores of followers who took part in the rally demanded to resolve the year-long conflict which has plagued the state.

The demonstration of the seven women, Ch. Sopita, Kh. Inaobi, M. Shanti, M. Ibenou, Kh. Sobita, Th. Nanao and Kh. Premlata were led by volunteers of KYDO, Awang Sekmai.

At Kangla, the heritage site of Manipur, the seven women paid their respects and prayed at all the sacred sites.

Subita expressed discontentment with the centre and state government’s neglect to resolve the crisis.

“What are they (government) doing? Are they planning to keep the conflict continue and watch the people suffer?” She asked.

She said the conflict has claimed many innocent lives and displaced many in the state. At this crucial juncture the authorities are more concern about their political positions instead of addressing the issue, she added.

“The seven women resorted to shave off their hairs to signify the suffering of the people in the state who are surviving on sheer hope and grit.”

“Shaving off a woman’s hair is viewed as taboo and unimaginable in the Manipuri culture,” she said.

Subita said women would resort to other intense agitations if the rally fails to draw the attention of the authorities to bring an end to the conflict.

Manipur has been in chaos since May 3 last year, the day Kuki militants launched attack to Meitei and their village, which ignited the Meitei-Kuki conflict.

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