United club demands special policy for displaced people died at relief camps

Imphal: Thangmeiband United Club (TUC) has demanded special policy for internally displaced people (IDPs) who died during their stay at relief camps and for volunteers of relief camps.

Pratab Leishangthem, president of the united club was talking to reporters on the sideline of a last rite ceremony of one IDP who died at the relief camp open at Thangmeiband Athletic United Ground (THAU), Imphal on Saturday.

The deceased went kidney dialysis for months while staying at the relief camp.

Pratab said due to the present violence many people have been displaced at various relief camps. When TUC took a survey at various relief camps the volunteers especially who were displaced from Torbung Bangla, Kangvai, Waikhurok and others. Many of the IDPs were found staying at relief camps opened at Moirang area.

Many of the IDPs were facing health issues. Some of them were suffering from chronic diseases. As those people were not able to reach hospital on time,  TUC volunteers make and appeal to THAU and a relief camp was opened at the campus of THAU on June last year, he added.

Many IDPs might be facing issues when they die during their stay at relief camps. The IDPs face various issues. How can they perform last rite when one of their family members dies during their stay without having adequate money, Pratab said.

The government has announced that IDPs can get easy admission at nearby schools and colleges, but they are not able to get admission as so. For this the volunteers of respective relief camps have to press the authority concerned of the respective schools and colleges, he added.

He appealed the schools and colleges for both government and private to consider for IDPs.

Since the eruption of the violence, volunteers of respective relief camps have been providing necessary assistance to the IDPs from their own expenses. The government should make a policy from time to time so that the volunteers could provide more assistance to the IDPs, he said.

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