Central forces will assist state force: Muivah

Imphal: The Manipur Police department, from the Village Defence Force (VDF) to director deneral of police strongly condemns ‘the incident of life attempt on one of the additional superintendent of police (Operation), other police officer on the Tuesday evening.

This was said by IGP (intelligence) IK Muivah.

“We are civil police and every action taken are done moderately in general as per law after ensuing the safety of the citizen of the state. If civil police fail to do their duties due to the obstruction of CSOs and public then automatically central forces will come to assist, which is far more undesirable for the state,” the senior police officer said.

“The public and CSOs should know the situation, which has been experienced. So we do not want to return to the past,” said Muivah.

He said the duty of police is to maintain law and order in the society.

Muivah further appealed against misuse of social media that led to character assassination of a police officer.

Responding to reporters, he said, the police commandos who took up arms-down strike due to frustration.

He said various cases have been registered and action will be taken up for each cases even they take years.

IGP (Administration) K. Jayenta said at conference hall of Manipur Police Headquarter, Imphal that on Tuesday night some miscreants conducted life attempt on additional SP, M. Amit and vandalised his residence and fired number of rounds.

The armed miscreants also abducted the MPS officer and assaulted by the armed miscreants. After the incident the armed group tried to defame the said police officer as a corrupted police officer. The Manipur Police strongly condemns such allegation as the police officer is a dedicated, sincere police officer, he added.

It is not time to find out faults for each other. Amid the crisis the state forces are trying at their level best to control any sort of violence in fringed areas of Manipur. If a police officer is defamed with false allegation despite his dedicated and sincere duties, how can the state force continue its duties, said Jayenta.

Reacting to the comments surfaced on social media over an incident related to another incident, he said, the MPS officer was doing his duty. People from various sections of the society are longing to depute state forces instead of central forces in fringe areas.

He appealed the netizens to cross check while uploading any information on social media.

Regarding the incident occurred on Tuesday IGP, (Operation), K. Kabib explained that one information was received about stealing/snatching of two Ambassador cars, bearing registration numbers MN07-X 7682 and MN01-X-7683 by some unknown armed miscreants from government oil depot at North AOC. Based on this information the said officers, namely additional SP (Ops), Moirangthem Amit Singh, Inspector P. Achouba Meitei (OC-CDO/IW) and other teams had conducted search and intercepted the two vehicles which were stolen/snatched, along with apprehension of one individual who was part of committing the crime. Later, in this connection one case at Imphal Police station under Arms Act was registered and investigated into.

A police press note mentioned “After the incident the members of Arambai Tengol had carried out targeted attack on the said police officers as well as attacked the house and properties in connection with the seizing of stolen vehicles incident and for lawful discharge of duties. It is to be pointed out that Moirangthem Amit Singh, Addl.SP (Ops, IW), Inspector P. Achouba Meitei (OC-CDO/IW) and others have been working tirelessly and contributing to the efforts to ensure law and order in the state, especially Imphal West District.”

Kabib said if the public do not cooperate with the state police, the Armed Forces Special Power Act might be re-imposed.

Public should know that state police has the advantage of knowing the local situation other than central forces.

He said all the citizens are welcomed to make complain at police but appealed not to take law in their hand as a law-abiding citizen.

In the press note issued by police it is mentioned that the police department has been putting all out efforts to ensure law and order in the state, and the department appeals to the general public for extending cooperation to the police department. The public is requested to refrain from rumour mongering and circulating fake news.

It said besides Arambai Tengol (people’s force) is engaging in many anti-social activities like assaulting civilians, snatching of vehicles from public and government officials. They have been indulging in extortion from the common public and business men.

It alleged that they are garnering false support from the public in the garb of protecting the public but they are committing many anti-social activities and criminal acts. It appealed the public must not be misled and give co-operation to Manipur Police in bringing peace and tranquillity back in the state.

“Manipur Police remains ever committed to guard and protect the lives and properties of public.”

Manipur Police is also a neutral force and not acting against any community or in favour of one. Use of social media to target any officer or unit will be strongly dealt with by taking up cases and action, the press note said.

Police is a United Team from Top to Bottom and any attack on anyone will be taken seriously and stringent action taken, it added.

An extensive area domination drive by the state forces were conducted on Wednesday night in the valley districts. Combing operations will continued in the days to come and those responsible for such criminal activities will not be spared.

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