Edu minister assures to exempt examination fees for crisis displaced students

Imphal: Manipur Education minister Th. Basanta Kumar has assured to exempt examination fees for internally displaced students (IDS) who have been staying at various relief camps.

The minister also assured to return all the paid examination fees of the students at relief camps.

He made the assurance to representatives of Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) during a meeting at his office quarter located at Sanjenthong, Imphal on Wednesday.

President of SSUM, S. Yaima said the union encountered a video that surfaced on social media highlighting that students who are staying at relief camps are also paying same amount of examination fees during application which is becoming a big financial issue for the IDS.

Based on the viral video the students’ union met the education minister and highlighted the issues faced by the IDS.

During the meeting the minister assured to exempt examination fees especially for IDS for both schools and colleges. The minister also told the students’ union that the students (IDS) who have already paid their examination fees during form fill up will be returned back at the earliest.

Yaima was told by the minister that necessary government order for the exemption of fees will be issued soon.

One of the students of Mangol Nganbi College, Ningthoukhong, Chanam Roshan who also accompanied the students’ union told reporters that at this present unrest, many of the IDS are struggling while attending schools and colleges.

Paying examination fee is becoming a big issue for IDS and for their parents, failing which the students will not be able to appear the examination, he added.

“I had decided not to appear the college examination as I have no money to pay the examination fees. But I appreciated education minister for his assurance to exempt examination fees for IDS”, Roshan said.

Thousands of students are staying at relief camps due to the present unrest in Manipur.

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