‘Don’t interfere in keeping clean Meitei religious places’

Imphal: Secretary of Maichou Ningshing Lup, Ahanthem Irabot has cautioned not to interfere in keeping neat and clean around Khurai Ahongpung Khubam (shrine) like other communities.

Irabot during a press conference of Maichou Ningshing Lup and Leirembi Sintha Lup, on Wednesday spoke to reporters at Khurai Ahongpung, Imphal East that the Meitei shrine located at Khurai Ahongpung Ahongei Leikai has been situated since time immemorial.

The organisations have been asking that the ‘Telis’ who inhabit the surrounding areas not to dump garbage and park their vehicles, he added.

For the safeguard and protection of the religion of the Meitei community, volunteers of Meeitei Leepun have been taking care of the shrine at regular intervals. But recently an unwanted incident occurred which went viral on social media. The unwanted incident occurred after locals of the surroundings found dumping garbage near the shrine which was a misunderstanding, he added.

He appealed to the locals of the surroundings to support keeping the surroundings of the shrine neat and clean so that unwanted incidents could be avoided.

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