Biren expects fair justice

Imphal: Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh on Wednesday inaugurated the G+3 Annexe Building for the Court of District Sessions Judge at Thoubal Court Complex, “Expects fair justice will come out from the newly inaugurated building”.

Biren highlighted the need for a Law University in the state and assured to take all necessary steps in this regard.

Stating that the judiciary is one of the pillars of democracy, he applauded and welcomed Justice Siddharth Mridul on his appointment as the Chief Justice of Manipur High Court.

Despite the state’s financial constraint, the state government has been putting all efforts to fill any requirement of the law sector, Biren said.

He applauded Judge High Court of Manipur Justice Golmei Gaiphulshillu Kabui, and said her appointment is a pride for the entire state.

“Manipur has around 1.5 lakh drug users. With more serious support from all to the government’s War on Drugs campaign, the drug menace can totally be eradicated from Manipur.”

He said the War on Drugs campaign is stopping the drug menace from entering mainland cities and in the process protecting millions of youth in the country.

The government will also look into the lack of infrastructure in the districts. “Manipur is passing through a crucial time, but with the support of the masses we have almost overcome it, he said adding that we cannot stop our daily routines be it in the development sector or other.”

He said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given special priority to Manipur and wants to develop the state. Chief Justice High Court of Manipur Justice Siddharth Mridul said that one of the most important aspects of maintaining the rule of law is the provision of access to justice.

“Access to justice for all the residents of the State of Manipur will only become a reality if we have adequate infrastructure in terms of courts, staff quarters, among others,” he said.

The Chief Justice said “We are now targeting a paperless court system, where litigants will be able to access us through videoconferencing and through the internet connectivity from even the remotest corner of the state.

”That will need the support and the working in tandem of the High Court, Judicial Service as well as the government,” he said adding that so far the response received from the government has been very prompt and very encouraging.

He added that every citizen should have access to the court system 24×7.

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