‘Youth of Manipur will not support single CSO’s decision’

Imphal: Youth of Manipur, a group who recently took oath to protect Manipur, said it will not support or go by any decision of a particular civil society organisation (CSO).

In a press statement released on Tuesday, the youth group  said it will support the decision taken by united CSOs.

The group had not discussed for unification with Cocomi to move to Torbung as published in few local media houses, it said.

Youth of Manipur aims to support only when a collective voice of CSO’s is aired.

The development came up on the backdrop of Manipur crisis.

In the meantime, Taragi Cheishu, a unified Meetei Foundation-Connecting People in a press release said it is sending a proposal to all CSOs, Clubs, women, youth and student organisations to sit together, discuss and take consensus decisions together in issues concerning the Meeteis and Manipur, so that Meeteis can raise a single voice and work cohesively with more understanding.

For this to become a reality, Taragi Cheishu is going to organise a closed-door seminar in a few days and that will be notified in advance.

A set of questions has been sent to all organizations to study beforehand and give answers in three days’ time by WhatsApp to Taragi Cheishu no. 7005800396/ or sent in hard copy to Taragi Cheishu office. Any organisation, which has not received the appeal letter from Taragi Cheishu, can get it by WhatsApp message if asked to the Taragi Cheishu mobile number in the WhatsApp. The questions are concerned with safeguarding the interests and future of Meeteis and Manipur as a whole, it said.

The Closed-Door Seminar will be held with two representatives from every organisation and will be facilitated by Taragi Cheishu. All answers or suggestions to ‘our problem questions’ should be purely based on documental evidence and scientific reasoning. The ultimate solutions will be discussed and arrived at a consensus in the

Closed-Door Meeting, it added.

Thereafter, any organization can represent and talk on behalf of Meeteis after reaching at the consensus, and, the policy paper will be submitted to the state government and the central government to fulfil our ambitions and vision. Taragi Cheishu feels that this is the only way Meeteis can act cohesively with mutual understanding, Taragi Cheishu said.

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