Liquor worth over 43 lakh destroyed in Manipur

Imphal: Manipur Excise department has destroyed various brands of excisable articles worth Rs. 43,84,900 at the its Lamphelpat headquarter on Saturday.

Various brands of excisable articles like Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), beer and illicit country liquor that have been confiscated were laying in the store room of excise head quarter, Lamphelpat since July 10.

The seized items stored included 2,430 litres Rum worth Rs 14,58,000; beer/juice/breezer of 6,950 litres worth Rs 20,85,000; country liquor of 8,419 litres worth Rs 8,41,900; Hamei (yeast to manufacture alcohol) and wine.

In an order issued on Thursday and signed by commissioner of Excise of Manipur, Hungyo Worshang mentioned that the store rooms are congested due to storage of seized articles and making inconvenient to store the newly seized confiscated items. It directed to destroy all the stocks that have been stored during July 10 last year to July 31 this year under section 69 of Manipur Liquor Prohibition Act, 1991 at the excise head quarter.

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