CSOs welcome demands of Youths of Manipur

Imphal: Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) of Manipur including Cocomi, FOCS, AMUCO and Federation of Haomee gave positive response to work together in the present turmoil.

A group of youths ‘Youths of Manipur’ resolved a five points demands with a public meeting held on Sunday at public ground of Social Welfare Club, Khongman Atom Leirak, Imphal East.

The demand included the CSOs of Manipur should work jointly in the present turmoil, government to take swift measures for the victims of conflict and provide compensation to them, Assam Rifles should be replaced by other central forces, state legislative assembly should be convened immediately to politically tackle the issue and others.

After the meeting some of the youths submitted the demands to CSOs.

In a video uploaded in social media it is seen that the representatives of the respective CSOs welcome the demand resolves by the youths. All the CSOs assured to work jointly so as to direct the movement in a same direction “without confusing the public”.

On different occasions in connection with the present turmoil various CSOs are informing to demonstrate different forms of protest. The public get confused to which CSO to follow.

People from different sections of the society welcome the demand of the youths that CSOs should work jointly while demonstrating a protest in connection with the present issue.

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