Cocomi women to join DMCC protest at Jantar Mantar

Imphal: A 5-member team of Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (Cocomi), women’s wing sets to join Delhi Meitei Coordinating Committee (DMCC) in a protest rally scheduled on Sunday at Jantar Mantar protest, Delhi.

Assistant coordinator of the women’s wing, Wahengbam Luwangleima told reporters here that the present crisis was erupted with the motive of genocide of Meitei community by the Kuki-Narco terrorists.

She said regarding the present crisis and the demand for complete replacement of Assam Rifles from Manipur by other security forces, Delhi Meitei Coordinating Committee (DMCC) is organising a protest rally at Jantar Mantar.

The five members of the women wing will be leaving Imphal on Saturday.

Since the violence has erupted many religious places of Meitei community, houses, other structures have been arsoned by the Kuki-Narco Terrorist and Lungi clad infiltrated from Myanmar, Luwangleima said.

Various Meitei villages of Manipur are under attack with bombs and guns. To make aware this in the nation the women wing team decided participating the protest at Jantar Mantar, she added.

She said they will be going to Delhi not to meet central leaders or state leaders but to aware the nation the fact of the crisis that has been continuing since May 3.

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