BSF, CRPF establish posts in Bishnupur, Senapati of Manipur

Imphal: BSF has established post at High Canal Phubala in Bishnupur district while one platoon CRPF has been deployed at Bethel village in Senapati district opposite to Koutruk village in Imphal West district of Manipur.

Frequent fire fights were witnessed in the two areas in the Kuki and Meitei conflict. Armed Kuki groups have been attacking Meitei villages in the state. Meitei took up arms to defend the Kuki attacks.

Security forces have been taking up operations in different parts of Manipur to disarm miscreants. Regular operations have destructed numbers of illegal bunkers.

IGP (Zone III) Nishit Ujiwal recently said he had briefed the security personnel deployed at Koutruk, Haraothel, Kharam Thadou, Kandangband, and Singda in Imphal West to ensure that miscreants do not disrupt the atmosphere in those areas.

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