10K youth take oath to fight for Manipur

Imphal: Over 10 thousand youth from different districts of Manipur valley took oath in the name of Lord Pakhangba to fight without retreat for Manipur.

The youths gathered at Social Welfare Club, Khongman in Imphal East district on Sunday. They sought blessings from the Lord to hoist victory flag.

Many of them expressed their opinions on the present turmoil in Manipur. They felt discontent over the failure to bring an end to the crisis. They condemned the student bodies for remaining silence on the issue and CS0s for failing to unite against the attacks to valley people, particularly to Meitei by Kuki-Zo militants.

The Youth of Manipur, a youth group, announced their stance in the conflict.

The youths rally declared five resolutions. They demanded the CSOs to immediately announce their collective stance on the issue.

State Legislative Assembly should be convened immediately to politically tackle the issue, the gathering resolved.

The ministers and MLAs, whose mouths are shut, should immediately announce their stand of their responsibility, said a resolution urging them to quit political parties and take concrete stance as people of the land.

The youths also demanded the government to take swift measures for the victims of conflict and provide compensation to them. “The respective MLA of the victims will be blamed for failure of the demand.”

It is an open secret that the Assam Rifles are taking side of the Narco-Terrorists. The Assam Rifles should be replaced by neutral security forces immediately, said a youth who read out the resolution.

He said the demands of the youths should be materialised in three days, cautioning to accept any outcome against failure of fulfilling the demands.

Manipur has been burning since early May due to ongoing conflict between Meitei and Kuki-Zo. Many alleged that Kuki-Zo community are aggressors from Myanmar who attack Manipur to expand drug belt and establish a Kuki-Zo land. To defend this the Meitei take up arms against the Kuki-Zo.

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