‘Wake up, save Manipur’

Imphal Local club Naharol Yaiphakol, Naorem Leikai staged a sit-in rally demanding to unite all the legislators and CSOs to save Manipur.

The protest rally was held at Kakwa Naorem Leikai, Imphal West district on Sunday under the banner “Leingakpasing Meekap Thoklo, Ima Leibak Kallase” (wake up legislators, save motherland).

Secretary of the local body, Naorem William told reporters that state and central governments can solve the almost four months long crisis within a day if they will.  Manipur legislators need to press the centre to bring an end to present crisis

Many people have been killed, state and central legislators including Prime Minister and Union Home minister should know the value of lives Manipur people. If they don’t they should resign immediately, he added.

People have been suffering since May 3, he added.

Women folks have been taking care of the people day and night at various vulnerable places of Manipur. People of Manipur are suffering due to the present turmoil and need to bring a collective effort to bring back normalcy, said William.

The violence continues because of the continuous firing of Kukis towards the Meitei communities, he alleged.

The violence in Manipur can be stopped only after Kukis stop firing towards the Meitei community. Time has come to raise voice against Kuki community to stop firing to bring back normalcy and to stop the ongoing turmoil in Manipur, he added.

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