Zeliangrong Baudi urges to rectify ‘Kabui is not part of Zeliangrong’

Imphal: Zeliangrong Baudi (Aassam, Manipur & Nagaland) has urged to rectify the assertion of “Kabui Union Manipur” that ‘Kabul is a tribe with separate entity which is not a part of Zeliangrong community nor related to Naga group’.

The Zeliangrong body in a press statement released on Monday said every human race has their own history of origination therefore, the frequent assertion ventilated through some local newspapers by an organisation called “Kabui Union Manipur” stating that Kabui is a tribe with separate entity which is not a part of Zeliangrong community nor related to Naga group is a complete fallacy and distortion of facts. 

All members of the indigenous communities of Manipur in particular whosoever relied upon truth and historical facts knows beyond doubt regarding the origin and inseparability of Kabui and Zeliangrong community, it added.

The separate identity assertion is purely based on the controversial and administrative manipulation tribe recognition orders that was issued in the year 2012 in pursuance to the Manipur government recommendation made to the central government in discreet manner without proper consultation with the leaders of the Zeliangrong thereby resulted to the recognition of one tribe to be six separate tribes viz:- Zeme, Liangmai, Rongmei, Inpui, Kabui and Kacha Naga in Manipur which has created unnecessary confusion, it said. 

Even though Zeliangrong is recognised as Kabui, Inpui, Kacha Naga, Zeme, Liangmai, Rongme in Manipur and Zeliang in Nagaland and also Zeme Naga and other nomenclatures in Assam, the Zeliangrong tribe is one and represents as a single Naga tribe entity in the Naga Hoho organisation which encompassed the entire Naga territory irrespective of states political boundaries, the Zeliangrong body said.

No historian, academicians or any sane person can substantiate with historical facts and evidences that these six tribes i.e. Kabul, Inpui, Kacha Naga, Zeme, Liangmai and Rongmei has separate history of their own to Zeliangrong other than relying on the said controversial and administration manipulative 2012 tribe recognition orders, for that reason every responsible Zeliangrongs particularly educated youths, academicians and intellectuals are deeply hurt by the administration manipulative tribe recognition orders, 2012, it added.

Hence rectification of this gross errors and injustice committed against the interest of Zeliangrong people is highly required, it added. 

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