People questions Assam Rifles’ ‘Hidden Agenda’ in Manipur crisis

Imphal: Protesting against the alleged atrocities towards Meitei and supporting Kuki militants in the over 3-month long Kuki-Meitei conflict, demonstrators set ablaze dummies of Assam Rifles in Imphal on Monday.

Demonstrations took place at different parts of Imphal demanded to shift away away Assam Rifles from Manipur.

Since the eruption of the clash between the two communities, Meitei community has trust deficit from the act of some personnel of Assam Rifles. Demonstrators decried the activities of Assam Rifles.

The protest demonstration was seen at various areas of Imphal where protestors demonstrated by partial blocking of roads, staging sit-ins and marching rallies. 

Various sections has been alleging the paramilitary force as published on various media platforms including video footage showing Assam Rifles supporting the Kuki militants against Meitei.

Recently it was published in some media that one village defense force at Sekmai area was brutally assaulted by some Assam Rifles personnel. Later it was also reported that the same person was undergone treatment for internal injury inside his head. 

Women folks blocked eastern side of Tiddim road at Keishamthong Hodam Leirak as a part of the protest.

One protestor told reporters that people want peace and urged the central government and state government to withdraw Assam Rifles from Manipur to bring back peace.

She said Kuki militants are attacking the Meitei villagers frequently and to stop the violence that has been happening in the state, state government and central government should replace Assam Rifles.

Slogans “Go Back Assam Rifles”, “Withdraw Assam Rifles immediately”, “We want peace” were chanted among others during the protest.

Another group of protestors demonstrated holding Tri-colour national flags with placards that read as “Stop using Indian security force against Meiteis”, “What is hidden agenda of Assam Rifles”.

Similar protest at Kongba in imphal East shouted “We condemn the act carried against women folks at Torbung on August 3”, “ implement NRC immediately in Manipur”.

Some women protestors tried to storm at the Assam Rifle post at Singjamei Chinga hillock in Imphal West. State police was able to prevent them. Effigy of Assam Rifles personnel were seen torched at Andro Parking by the protestors.

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