Anusuiya appeals her counterparts to ensure safety of Manipur students in their states

Imphal: Manipur governor Anusuiya Uikey has appealed to governors and administrators in other states of the country to ensure safety of those students who are pursuing studies in their respective states in wake of the present ethnic clash in Manipur.

Anusuiya was deeply concerned about those students who are pursuing their higher studies and professional courses, etc., in different parts of the country since the unprecedented ethnic clash that broke out on May 3.   

In order to ensure that the academic pursuits of students from tge state are not affected, the governor made her appeal to all the governors or Lt. Governors or administrators through demi-official letters to ensure the safety of those students who are pursuing studies in their respective states.

The governors/Lt. governors/administrators reciprocated that necessary arrangements have been made to ensure the safety of those students and their academic pursuits are not affected.  

On behalf of the people of Manipur, the governor has expressed her gratefulness to all the Governors/Lt. governors/administrators for the invaluable cooperation extended to the students of Manipur at this critical juncture.  

The governors of Tamil Nadu and Nagaland assured to extend the requisite assistance to those students in Tamil Nadu (20 students) and Nagaland (238 students) whenever necessity arises.  

Anusuiya strongly believes that all concerned will keep continuing extending their help till the situation is completely normalized. She also believes that whenever necessity arises, those students can approach the respective governor’s secretariats for help which they will certainly comply with, said a press release from Imphal Raj Bhavan on Monday.

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