‘Why BJP fails action against its MLA for disintegrating effort?’

Imphal: Why Bharatiya Janata Party fails to take necessary steps against its MLA Paolienlal Haokip for making his statement to disintegrate territorial boundary of Manipur into three union territories to bring back normalcy?

Socio-political commentator Chongtham Bijoy raised this question on Tuesday.

Bijoy, talking to reporters here, said whild state BJP and chief minister N. Biren Singh have been raising that territorial boundary of Manipur will be protected, one of its MLA Paolienlal Haokip made a statement that normalcy can be brought back in Manipur if it id divided into three Union territories.

Paolienlal made his statement during an interview made by a national media on the present crisis of Manipur.

Bijoy said the BJP MLA also made his statement that the Manipur government is trying to take away tribal rights and alleged that delaying delimitation process is to reduce seats of tribal MLAs in Manipur Legislative Assembly.

He said to stop having vulture mentality and day-dreaming for a separate administration or a Union territory or a separate homeland in Manipur. “Vultures never hunt their prey instead they waited for their prey to death.” 

He questioned how the state government tries to take out tribal rights. Every rights of a tribal citizen of India to be enjoyed are mentioned in the Indian constitution. “The Indian Law does not permit to cultivate poppy cultivation, manufacturing of illegal narcotic drugs, welcoming of illegal immigrants from Myanmar and mass deforestation in hilly areas.” 

Manipur people will not remain as a mute spectator while carrying out delimitation process by including huge number of illegal immigrants from Myanmar under population ratio. “Due to the reason the Kukis are against implementation of NRC and border fencing,” he added.

Kukis cannot be considered as indigenous people of Manipur which is also highlighted in the book ‘Wild Races of the Eastern Frontier of India’ written by Th Lewin, Bijoy said. 

He said there was not Anglo-Kuki war of 1917-1919 but it was an unexpected attack to the Nagas and following the attack the then British and Manipur King imprisoned many Kukis involved during the attack. With the false and distorted history under a certain hidden agendas, the Kukis are trying to show themselves that they are indigenous people of Manipur. 

There are certain laws for war however the attack of May 3 incident was a war crime and it will remain in the history of Manipur, he said.

Recalling a media report made by president and general secretary of Kuki Inpi stating that Meiteis are enemy of Kuki, Bijoy said they should stop playing victim cards.

He said Mizoram chief minister is trying to unit Zo community. All those who are supporting Zoramthanga should go to Mizoram before its state election.

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