Who supplies arms to Kuki terrorist? BJP MLA Imo asks Centre, ‘Manipur is to get out of hand’

Imphal: Manipur BJP MLA RK Imo Singh has asked the central government, “Who is supplying arms and ammunitions to the Kuki terrorist attacking the people in the state?”

The MLA came up with several question to the Union government reacting on the killing of three persons of a family on Saturday early morning while they were sleeping.

“We got very sad news today morning that three people were killed while they were sleeping at their own residence in Bishnupur district at Kwakta region.”

It’s very sad with what is happening right now in the state. How these terrorists, terrorising people, are coming along way from another district, coming into the valley area and killing people in their homes while they were sleeping, the MLA said.

“It’s something which really need to be answered now.” The so called paramilitary forces or security forces plying over there need to answer a lot, he said.

How on earth this was allowed to happen, who all were on duty? These people, the particular security force which is there need to be suspended, strict action needs to taken against them, he added.

“We have already written a memorandum to Union Home minister that there are certain security force which is still creating some kind of uneasiness between the people and the state. It really needs to be considered.

The memorandum also mentioned few units of certain security forces. “But, I would like to request at this point of time how on earth there are such security lapses. Who is responsible for it? “Let us take appropriate action against these people. Otherwise, there can never be peace and normalcy in the region.”

Complete disarmament is the need of the hour, the BJP MLA said. This has not yet happened, he added.

“We really need to take some proactive measures on the part of the central government as for all the security in Manipur is with the security advisor. I am hoping that some stringent measures need to be taken right now.”

It’s not just an ethnic conflict anymore. Because, there are people behind this to create more unrest. 

How on earth can an ethnic conflict last for more than three months. All these questions need to be answered by the central government. “It need to take certain measures. Otherwise Manipur is to get out of hand.”

The MLA requests to look into this and stringent measure that whoever is creating this unrest in the name of ethnic conflict, there is much more than that. Please go deeper into it. 

“Manipur wants peace. We do not want people to be killed while they were sleeping,” Imo said.

His comment was made on a video by NTT which the MLA shared on his Twitter account.

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