Shiv Sena raises question on BJP for not taking action against its 7 MLAs

Imphal: President of Shiv Sena Manipur State Unit, M. Tombi has questioned BJP for not being able to take necessary action against those seven BJP MLAs who are demanding a Separate Administration for Kuki.

What is be the hidden agenda? The Shiv Sena president asked.

Tombi was talking to reporters on Friday during 40th foundation day function of Uripok Bachaspati Maning Leikai Development Association (UBMLDA) held at the community hall of Uripok Bachaspati Leikai, Imphal West.

He said if those BJP MLAs happened to be elected from Shiv Sena Manipur State Unit then the party would have already taken necessary action against them.

Is BJP a weak political party? He questioned.

He appealed the administrative officers of the state and authority concerned to take necessary steps on changing the former name of some areas of land into Kuki dialect. The administrative officers or authority concerned should stop those name change of lands.

Tombi said community leaders from both the communities who are involved in the present turmoil should arrange a negotiating table to solve the present issue to bring normalcy in Manipur.

The upcoming Assembly session might not be able to satisfy the people of Manipur with the present issue, he added.

Poppy plants are to be harvested in the month of October. In the peripheral areas there are around 308 bunkers guarded by Assam Rifles with a mere distance of 200 metre to 500 metre. People already know who are providing foods, arms and ammunitions to the Kuki militants and this should be stop immediately, said Tombi.

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