Amit Shah assures Cocomi firm stance against all forms of infiltration into Manipur’s territory

Imphal: Union Home minister Amit Shah emphasized a firm stance against all forms of infiltration into Manipur’s territory, during a meeting with leaders of Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (Cocomi) in Delhi on Friday.

Measures are being implemented to register immigrants using biometrics, including retina scans. Stringent action will be taken against all forms of infiltration into Manipur’s territory, Amit Shah told Cocomi representatives.

The meeting was held in wake of the present Meitei-Kuki clash that erupted on May 3, the day Kuki people started attacking the Meitei.

To address concerns about mass infiltration, the government is expediting border fencing in the Manipur sector, the Home minister assured.

There will be no allowance for Separate Administrations in Manipur, he told them.

The Home minister appealed for peace in the state and requested Cocomi to convey the message to the people.

Ensuring the movement and distribution of commodities in the state can be possibly realised with the support from both side of the communities. And necessary deployment of convoys to secure the highways shall be ensured in few days, Amit Shah told Cocomi members.

The Home Minister told Cocomi to initiate dialogues with responsible Kuki leaders and groups to facilitate problem-solving and peace-building.

The Cocomi members submitted a representation letter to the Union Home minister, who forwarded it to the Union Home secretary for further discussion on the outlined points.

Through the letter they equested the Home minister for effective intervention in the prolonged Chin-Kuki Narco- Terrorist aggression on the soil of India in Manipur sector and matters of the possible threat to Indian National Security.

The committee members also held a meeting with top officials of the Intelligence Bureau, as per the minister’s instructions.

In the subsequent detailed discussion with the Director of the Intelligence Bureau and Security Advisor Northeast AK Mishra, Cocomi presented the complexities of issues affecting Manipur, including illegal immigration, cross-border narco-terrorism, exploitation of forest resources, and SoO violations.

The MHA officials acknowledged and took note of these critical points, Cocomi said.

The director of the Intelligence Bureau provided insights into the current crisis in Manipur and its understanding of critical issues. After thorough discussion, the officials urged the committee to prioritise the immediate measures outlined in the letter.

They also emphasized the importance of continued engagement and cooperation with the government and stakeholders to facilitate a quicker resolution of the crisis.

The Cocomo delegations was represented by 13 members led by its coordinator Jeetendra Ningomba.

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