‘Husbands of minister Nemcha, MLA Kimneo, Kuki-Zo leaders behind present Manipur crisis’

Imphal: Some Kuki-Zo leaders including husbands of minister Nemcha Kipgen and KPA MLA, Kimneo Haokip Hangshing have been charged as masterminds to cause the present turmoil in Manipur.

Stating this a resident of Kabowakching, Imphal West has lodged a complaint at Phougakchao Poice station.

In the complaint report submitted to officer-in-charge, Phougakchao police station on Friday by a resident of Kabowakching, Imphal West charged that president of Kuki Inpi Manipur, Ch. Ajang Khongsai, 60, son of Lhunkhothang Khongsai; secretary of Kuki Inpi Manipur, Khaikhohauh Gangte; Thangboi Kipgen (KNF), husband of minister Nemcha Kipgen (MLA, Kangpokpi); David Hangshing (KRA), husband of Kimneo Haokip Hangshing (MLA, Saikul); Willson Hangsing alias Lalam, son of T. Hangsing (Retd. I.RS.), resident of Kangpokpi Bazar; President, KNO, PS Haokip; spokesperson of KNO, Seilen Haokip, son of late Paolen Haokip,; president, ITLF, Pagin Haokip,; spokesperson, COTU, Kangpokpi, Aroan Kipgen; general secretary, COTU, Lamminlun Singsit; Thanglenpao Guite (ZRO) (Native of Myanmar); Benjamin alias Benji, PRO of minister Letpao Haokip and other associates are the leaders of Kuki-Zo community, who planned, authored, orchestrated, perpetrated and committed serious offences and crimes against the state and nation causing the communal clash involving bloodshed, destruction of properties, harassment and murders etc.

The report mentioned that “The ongoing clash that has been undergoing between Meitei community and Kuki-Zo community for more than three months, erupted on May 3 due to the violent, merciless, cruel and inhuman attacks with use of weapons and firearms at around 2.15 pm of the said day by the large mob of Kuki-Zo individuals against the lives and properties of Meitei villagers at Torbung Bangla and Torbung Bazar thereby destroying and burning the houses, temples, churches and properties of the Meitei citizens.”

While they were attacking Meiteis at Torbung Bangla and Torbung Bazar, the large mob of the armed Kuki-Zo individuals also destroyed and burned the houses, temples, churches and properties of Meitei people at all Meitei villages (22 in number) in Churachandpur district on the said same day, the Kabowakching resident said.

“Simultaneously, the Kuki-Zo mobs of Kangpokpi district destroyed and burned the houses, temples and properties of Meitei citizens in Kangpokpi district. The armed mobs of Kuki-Zo individuals in Tengnoupal district also vandalised, destroyed and burned the houses, temples and properties of Meitei at Moreh. Other armed mobs of Kuki-Zo individuals also vandalised and burnt the houses of Meitei at many villages in the peripheral areas of Imphal West District, Bishnupur District etc.”

“All the above attacks were done with firing of firearms and sophisticated weapons held by the Kuki-Zo Individuals on the said day. These brutal attacks were done by the Kuki- Zo community as a part of and in the guise of the so called ‘Tribal Solidarity March’ held on the day. Many members or participants of the said march were also seen armed with sophisticated weapons.”

This clearly shows involvement of armed cadres of Kuki-Zo terrorist organisations and shows their pre-planned preparation to commit such brutal attacks against the Meitei in the state, the complainer said.

The Meitei ran away out of their respective villages to save their lives from the hands of armed Kuki-Zo terrorists and their supporters. Many Meiteis were killed in the attacks by the armed Kuki-Zo terrorists and their supporters, he added.

All the attacks of Kuki-Zo terrorists and their supporters happened almost at the same timing and on the same said day, he added.

“As an aftermath of aforesaid attacks by Kuki-Zo individuals, the Meiteis who had been living peacefully, got anger and in retaliation, started vandalising the houses of Kuki-Zo people in some localities within the Imphal West district, Manipur, in the night of 3rd May, 2023 at around 7.30 p.m. Subsequently, on 4th May, 2023, many Meiteis started destroying and burning the houses of Kuki-Zo people in and around the valley areas in the state. The two communities also committed acts of killing one another thereby causing loss of lives of many.”

The complaint further mentioned that the said leaders of the Kuki-Zo community, in order to fulfil their dream of creating separate Kuki-land in the form of state or union territory or any other by ceding out some portions out of the small state of Manipur, have since long been instilling the people of their community with sense of great enmity towards the Meiteis, instead of approaching the concerned authorities of the Government or the court in a lawful manner for their claims and demands.

They have planned and authored for the occurrence of communal clash by attacking the Meiteis in the aforesaid manner. As a part of it, many cadres belonging to various terrorist organisations of Kuki-Zo community have also been brought by the said Kuki-Zo leaders from Myanmar to the State of Manipur for attacking and killing Meiteis. They have also been blockading or obstructing the national highways in the state with destruction of vehicles and extortion of money from the drivers and owners of trucks, heavy vehicles etc. Accordingly, these leaders of Kuki-Zo community are responsible for causing the communal clash, murder of many individuals, destruction and burning of many houses, instilling sense of enmity between the two communities etc., in the state of Manipur, said in the complaint.

The complainer requested to take necessary actions against the culprits belonging to Kuki-Zo community, by booking, arresting and punishing them under the relevant provisions of penal laws, in the interest of justice.

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