BJP Manipur condemns Assam Rifles’ ‘one-sided act’

Imphal: BJP Manipur Pradesh strongly condemnes ‘the one-sided act of the Assam Rifles’ in dealing with the clash between Meitei and Kuki in the state, said vice-president of party state unit Ch. Chidananda Singh on Monday.

Among the central forces deployed in Manipur to control the prevailing crisis of the state, the Assam Riflles are directly or indirectly supporting and helping one particular community (Kuki), Chidananda said.

No Meitei women dancing with Assam Rifles are ever born. To please the AR, no Meitei women ever dances with them, he added.

“To maintain law and order, protesters including womenfolk, brothers and sisters of our community are beaten brutally in the name of controlling people’s protest. Some of them are severely injured. Such atrocities and brutal acts are unacceptable.”

The AR are dancing together with women of other community, he said.

“Despite being a Karyakarta of a political party, the situation now is very sensitive such that my community, my people, my state becomes more important than the political party which I belong,” the political party leader said. 

“The biasness in implementing the laws of the Indian Government gives resentment to the people of the Meitei Community. This discrimination against the Meitei Community becomes a big reason to lose faith in the Central Govt. As a Meitei, we equally felt displeasure at such discriminations.”

Chidananda said he had written a letter to PM Narendra Modi on June 5 expressing resentment on the one sided act of AR forces requesting for an Overall Review of their duties and also to take out AR forces from vulnerable areas and to deploy other neutral central or state forces. 

Regarding the matters, a memorandum to the Prime Minister has been submitted by the state party unit. The mass protests staged by the womenfolk as well as mothers of Meitei community against the AR forces is strongly supported, Chidananda said.

“No issues questioning Manipur’s integrity such as Separate administration or Union Territory demand should be ruled out by the central government,” he added.

There has been allegations from various sections of the society against the AR for taking side of Kuki militants.

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