FOCS suspects central force of supplying weapons to Kuki militants

Impha: Federation of Civil Society Organisations (FOCS), Manipur has expressed suspicion to central force of supplying weapons to Kuki militants in the ongoing crisis.

The civil society federation said while the Meitei village were confronting with the Kuki militants at Torbung in Bishnupur district an Indian army chopper was seen dropping packages in the area where the Kuki militants camps located, through media.

As soon as the packages were dropped the Kuki militants started attacking towards Meitei village defenders with bombs.

The ministry of Home Affairs should immediately clarify to the people on this, FOCS demands. It also demanded to stop such acts immediately, it added.

This is an act of cleansing Meitei community by taking the side of Kuki. People here lost faith to central forces and hence Meitei community takes up blocking Central Armed Police Force on roads, it said.

FOCS also demanded to disqualify the 10 Kuki

MLAs of not responding to the show cause notice served by the Speaker ahead of the proposed Assembly session.

It asked if there is any hidden agenda to the motive of the Assam Rifles remaining as mere spectator when Kuki militants burned down and damaged around 100 Meitei houses at Torbung.

Are the security forces brought in to the state to attack Meitei, siding Kuki or to normalise the situation? FOCS questions. “Are the tear gas shells and smoke bombs meant to suppress Meitei responds?”

Citing the ‘shoking’ death of one IRB follower due to Dengue at Indo-Myanmar border town Moreh, FOCS said it is unfortunate that no medical facility and food supply was made available to those in the confrontation frontline. The facilities should be made available, it demanded.

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