’42 Special Investigation Teams will investigate all violence-related cases expeditiously’

Imphal: Forty-two Special Investigation Teams will be set up and investigated all the violence-related cases expeditiously, D.D. Padsalgikar, former deputy National Security adviser, the officer appointed by the Supreme Court to monitor and supervise cases on Manipur crisis handed over to CBI and those of SITs told governor Anusuiya Uikey at Raj Bhavan, here on Thursday.

Padsalgikar has been posted in this state, mainly to supervise the cases investigated by the CBI and SITs.

As far as the cases in the hill districts are concerned, he informed the governor that Video Conferencing facilities will be provided through BSNL and NIC to get the cases investigated. The first status report of the investigation will be submitted to the concerned authority by the first week of October, Padsalgikar informed.

He said, he had visited many relief camps and met internally displaced people in the camps. He requested the governor to take all possible steps to extend help to the people.

The governor stated that both the central and state governments have already taken up necessary common programme of actions to extend help to the violence-affected people and also instructed concerned state government machineries to provide help to those people and measures to be taken up to re-settle them at their respective places at the earliest possible time.

Lt. Gen.(Retd.) L. Nishikanta Singh also me the governor at Raj Bhavan in the evening.

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