Sweep away narco-terrorism: protestors

Imphal: Women protestors in Imphal demanded the government to smash away narco-terrorism from the state, to initiate NRC in the state, to reject seperate administration demand and to immediately call a special Assembly session to take a decion on the current crisis in Manipur.

Amid the total curfew, protestors in different parts of Imphal came out on the streets in Imphal to raise their demands.

Unlike the past the total curfew was not relaxed on Wednesday in the entire valley and in Kuki inhabited areas in the state.

The curfew will be relaxed from 5am to 2pm for Imphal East and Imphal West on Thursday.

The Khwairamband Ima Keithel Joint Co-ordinating Committee for Peace has appealed to all to cooperate and make the “Mothers’ Protest” scheduled to be organised on Thursday.

The protest aims to express and highlight the grief and pain the mothers face in the present chaos.

The protest will start at 11 am on every road and locality. 

The commitee appeals all mothers to join the demonstration.

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