COCOMI condemns violence towards 2 women, demands clarification from news channels of ‘exaggerated reporting’ 

Imphal: Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) has ‘strongly’ condemned the ‘barbaric and uncivilized’ act of violence on two ladies parading naked in broad day light at a remote village in Manipur, which video went viral.

The entire people across the state and nation are in deep shock. COCOMI team, with all its might is trying all possible means to hunt down the culprit where ever they are. The action is committed by few sicked criminal perpetrators. The entire Meetei society is in deep shame and anguish over the video clip which is being shown to various national TV news channel across the nation, COCOMI said in a statement released on Thursday.

“COCOMI firmly believes that all those involved in the barbaric act will not be spared by the Meetei community in any ways and befitting punishment will surely be given to everyone involved in the crime,” it said.

The coordinating committee said The Wire reported that the second survivor told The Wire that no rapes took place — “We were not raped by them – they just took off our clothes and touch our bodies.”  

It is really shocking to learn that many of the national media TV channels have been grossly spreading the video clips with charges like Paraded Naked and Gang Raped. Now that, the victim testifies by themselves that no gangrape took place on that fateful day. The irresponsible and unethical reporting of Indian National Media houses particularly those TV Channels who has reported in a very partial and exaggerated facts has now lost its credibility to COCOMI and the entire Meetei society particularly amongst the Manipuri women, the coordinating committee said.

“COCOMI strongly condemn the false and exaggerated reporting and misleading the world against Meetei society and demand IMMEDIATE CLARIFICATION from all the TV Channels who reported the VDO Clips with charges of being Gangraped after the Nude parade within next 24 hrs,” it said 

On the sideline of this recent development due to a video Clip from 75 days ago, 

COCOMI appeals to various national media houses who are trying to justify the entire crisis of Chin-Kuki Narco-Terrorist aggression by one video clip which could only divert the complex issue and helped in demonizing the Meetei society as a whole, it added.

There are several incidents since the beginning of May 3 which COCOMI considers it barbaric and inhumane, however COCOMI always tried to avoid any incidents which could affect the modesty and dignity of the victim and their families and relatives and friends. The intent to avoid spreading reports of such sensitive videos in public domain during such moment of crisis is very unnecessary which certain vested interest groups won’t mind in spreading it. “It is our humble appeal to all concern that we should help in resolving the conflict and avoid any incidents that will help in restraining the violence on both sides.”

However, it is very unfortunate to learn that certain national media houses are using the viral videos from 75 days ago which do not help in resolving the crisis in any ways but rather fueling more to the fire, COCOMI said.

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