Guv condemns women parading naked, directs DGP to give harshest punishment

Imphal: Manipur governor Anusuiya Uikey has condemned the incidents of parading naked of two women in Kangpokpi district of Manipur and appealed all sections of society for peace and harmony. 

In a video message, the governor said, “I came to know about the incidents of women being paraded naked and gang-raped in Kangpokpi district of Manipur in the past days through various media/videos. I strongly condemn this incident. I am deeply saddened and hurt by this incident and my mind is very distressed. I cannot believe that such an incident can be carried out in my state.”

“I am ashamed to hear that such a shameful act can be done by some people of the state to get their demands satisfied. Such a shameful incident is a matter of stigma for the civilized society. Our country India and the state of Manipur have never had such a culture.” 

Women have always been given respect in the country, big wars have been fought for her respect, but women have been protected, the governor said.

She said she called the DGP and got complete information about the incident and directed him to make efforts to give the harshest punishment to the perpetrators of this incident so that no one can do such audacity in future. 

She appeals to all the social, political organisations, communities, brothers and sisters of Manipur that after this shameful incident, all should end demonstrations, protests, and violent activities and try to solve problems by coming on the platform of talks and establishing peace and harmony.

Anusuiya Uikey met Director General of Police, Rajiv Singh, at Raj Bhavan on Thursday and enquired about the incident of women paraded naked by a mob in Kangpokpi district recently video footage of which went viral on internet and about the progress of the investigation of the case. 

She directed the DGP for taking up immediate steps to bring the perpetrators of the heinous crime to book and award exemplary punishment as per law. She also asked the DGP for giving special protection to the victims, if required.

Thereafter, the DGP briefed the governor about the incident and the steps that have been taken up to bring the perpetrators behind bars.

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