Shiv Sena, Manipur opposes Seperate Administration demand

Imphal: Shiv Sena, Manipur unit will never compromise on territorial boundary of Manipur and will continue to press the central government not to give separate administration of homeland demand, said Manipur State Shiv Sena president M. Tombi on Friday.

Shiv Sena does not target Kuki communities that have been living together in Manipur for years, but targets those illegal migrants trying to instigate the present crisis by misleading the Kuki community, Tombi said.

“The narco-terrorists are earning huge money from illegal poppy cultivation, illegal Ganja cultivation at hilly areas of Manipur. They are insisting the Kuki brothers for the demand of Separate Administration from Manipur,” he said.

Student bodies, civil society organisations need to cooperate more to save Manipur against the attack of the narco-terrorists. MLAs and MPs of Manipur should also cooperate instead of taking care of their seats, he added.

“Time for defence is over. Those who are demanding for a separate administration should also step back so that we can live together”, Tombi cautioned.

Tombi said during his 5 days visit to Delhi he had submitted memoranda to various central leaders of different political parties to bring up the issue of Manipur on Parliamentary floor.

Tombi, talking to reporters here on Friday, said he urged the central leaders to highlight the issue in the Parliamentary floor.

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