RIMS flooded

Imphal: A night heavy rain has flooded Regional Institute of Medical Sciences on Monday due to ‘failure of drainage system’.

Patients in the hospitals face issues with flash flood.

With the advent of every monsoon season Imphal city faces flash flood in which one of the major cause is due to improper maintenance of drainage system and rivers passing through Imphal city.

Out-patients coming at department of clinical psychology were facing a huge problems as the campus of the department has been flooded.

In the early morning of Monday, the private security guards of the hospital reported that the water level was high, but it was decreasing slowly.

The question arise —what would happen if the rainfall continuous for consecutive days?

One has to carry the patient on his back to meet the doctor. Hospital should be the most hygienic place. Any patient or even the visitors can get sick, said a family of a patient at the hospital.

Main entrance of Animal House, RIMS was also seen flooded including some parts of hospital’s mortuary.

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