Demonstrators demand to lift internet ban, urges MP Ranjan to place clear picture on Manipur crisis

Imphal: Women demonstrators of Kongba area and surrounding places in Imphal East has demanded to lift internet ban while demanding Union minister of state RK Ranjan to place a clear picture of the ongoing Parliament session.

The women folk staged a protest on Monday morning at the gate of the residence of the Union minister at Kongba Nandeibam Leikai. 

The demonstrators demanded that Ranjan speak up in Parliament and provide a clear picture of the ongoing crises affecting the region.

The demonstrators refrained from any violent acts and peacefully expressed their concerns. They pressed Ranjan to take a more active role in addressing the ongoing crisis.

Ranjan and his family members were reportedly away from the premises at the time.

One of the demonstors urged the minister to take a stand and provide a comprehensive explanation of the unrest in the state. 

The women emphasised the need for him to address a viral video that has allegedly tarnished Manipur’s reputation across the globe.

They demanded the government to lift the internet ban so that the real fact of the crisis could be shown to the world and let them who started the violence in Manipur.

Internet has been banned in the state since the crisis began on May 3.

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