Peace committee knocks for Special Assembly session

Imphal: “No need to call for special session of Manipur Legislative Assembly to discuss the present crisis of Manipur after the end of Meitei community,” Peace Committee Wangkhei Kendra convenor Naorem Mahendra said during distribution of relief material at Serou, Kakching district, Manipur on Friday.

“Why are the council of ministers and chief minister not able to call for a special Assembly session. What are they upto at this present juncture?” Mahendra said.

It is unfortunate that some miscreants are trying to defame Meitei community in social media by spreading false allegation, he added.

Why is the state government not able to take any legitimate action even as Manipur governor pointed out involvement of Myanmar based rebels in the present crisis? He asked.

Kuki militants reportedly attacked commando personnel and the state government is not giving full power to state commandos to retaliate the attack, he said, adding that other communities suffer at large extent.

The peace lover appeals all communities to cooperate each other to fight against narco-terrorist to restore peace in the state.

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