MLA Imo announces Covid relief for Sagolband Constituency

Imphal: Sagolband Constituency representative RK Imo on Thursday announced relief measures for the Covid-19 victim families in his Constituency.

The relief measures include Rs 20000 for the families who lost some one due to Covid, free education upto Rs 20000 per year to the children who lost both their parents due to Covid for the next three years or till their attain 18 years, which is earlier, free education upto Rs 10000 per year to the children who lost their family bread earner (one parent) due to covid for the next three year or till they attain 18 years, whichever is earlier, and free ration (rice) upto 4 kg per person for the next one year to the families who lost someone due to Covid.

Essential/edible items will be distributed to all family who are under quarantine/isolation due to covid, Imo said in a press release.

The second wave of Covid has had severe effects on the lives of the people of Manipur. With thousands of people catching this dreaded virus, many of our close ones have not be able to survive and had succumbed due to this, he said.

A total of 10 ICU portable ventilators have been donated to the health directorate (5) and JNIMS Hospital (5) for the welfare of the people of Manipur, in order to save the lives of those critical patients across the state, he added.

The five ICU ventilators given to the health directorate were specifically for interior areas like Ukhrul, Churachandpur and Thoubal District Hospitals, as one needs to focus on patients from these interior area too as they unable to cum to Imphal for treatment, Imo said.

Sagolband, in Imphal West district has also witnessed huge surge in cases of Covid in this second wave, resulting in many deaths. “It is at this juncture, as a representative of Sagolband Assembly Constituency, I have decided to announce certain relief measures for the people of Sabolband who family have lost their near and dear one to Covid in this second wave which will be personally borne by me,” he said.

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