Biren calls for emotional integration

Chief Minister N. Biren Singh has called for motional integration of all communities in Manipur stating that it is the need of the hour to make a strong Manipur for which the Meiteis, the major community of Manipur had to play a big brother role into it.

The chief minister made the notion when he met the titular king of Manipur, Leishemba Sanajaoba at Royal Palace here this morning. He appreciated the role of Kings in Manipur who had tied up with all the tribal chiefs of various communities in Manipur since time immemorial.

“Today, we are proud of being a ‘Manipuri’ who always feels that no one can suppress us. This is because of the kings who ruled in Manipur had protected the territory of Manipur and bestowed their love and affection to all the communities living in Manipur”, said Biren Singh. Now is the time for every citizen of Manipur to think and act on State’s integrity. One has to stop speaking venomous words to hurt the sentiments of others, he added.

The Chief Minister appealed to all the citizens of Manipur to address them as “WE” in place of “I” to flourish the unity and communal harmony of Manipur. The Chief Minister stated, “Manipur cannot be called a developed state unless both hills and plains are together developed. His government has a top priority for overall development of hill areas in Manipur. Cabinet meetings will be held in the hill districts. Selection of beneficiaries of hill people for different schemes will be done in the hills with the presence of the heads of departments”.

He revealed that the Central ministers had agreed to extend financial assistance towards the development of hill areas in Manipur; for which the State government is preparing a detailed project for submission to the centre. Talking about the encroachment on Indian soil in Manipur by Myanmarese authorities, he said that he received an application from a tribal association. He would send a team from the State government to inspect the situation at the spot and a report would be sent to the Centre for further actions.

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