Governor’s Cup Invitation Polo Tournament

Manipur Police Sports Club-B edge out Chingkhei Hunba Polo Club by 7-1 goals in 27th Governor’s Cup Invitation Polo Tournament 2017 which got underway at Mapal Kangjeibung.
Galloping hard from the first chukker, the policeman drew their first blood when T.Pradeepkumar sixty yard free hit zooms into the goal in 4.41 minute for the lead. Making further connection, Th.Kaoba in the 5.34 minute and later T.Pradeepkumar fired home his second goal in the 6.41 minute to post 3-0 goals.
Chingkhei Hunba riders who failed makes proper connection falters further as the policemen showed little mercy with.O.Suresh scored his team fourth goal in the 3.53 minute in the second chukker. In the third chukker, Manipur Police increased the lead when I.Khaba Singh quickfired two goals in 2.10 and 3.42 minute to dominate with 6-0 goals.
But with onset of the fourth chukker, Chingkhei Hunba made a desparate lunge and got rewarded when S.Bronson gets theirs first goal in the 0.36 minute but that proves too late as Manipur Police rider T.Pradeepkumar hammered in their seventh goal in the 5.02 minute for the victory today.
Mentioned may be made that the ten team in the meet are selected based on their performances in the N.Hazari & Dr.N.Tombi and 57 Mountain Devision Polo Tournament 2017.
As for the16th Governor’s Cup Womens’ Polo Tournament 2017, three teams will feature in the meet which will be commencing soon.

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