Voice to punish the guilty

Clubs and women bodies of Sekmaijin has demanded the government to apprehend and punish the Kuki National Front, KNF (N) cadres who allegedly killed two abducted persons when an effort by Kuki National Army, KNA to rescue the persons went wrong on Saturday night at Moulsohoi village of Ukhrul district.
The deceased were identified as Laishram Tompok Meitei (27) who was an excavator operator from Sekmaijin and Laishram Thoi (22) who was his helper from Yairipok Khoirom.
The people groups of Sekmaijin gathered together and formed a joint action committee against the killing. The JAC demanded to arrest the killers in two days and punish them according to the law of the land. It also demanded an ex gratia of Rs. 10 Lakh to the family of the deceased persons.
Sources say heavily armed KNF (N) cadres were taking the three abducted workers from Mahadeva towards Sanakeithel road in an auto rickshaw when they were stopped by KNA cadres at Moulsohoi village. The KNF cadres opened fire towards KNA that turned in a fierce gunfight.

In the firing, two of the three workers were killed while the remaining one escaped unhurt.
Khumujam Bijen (25) a truck driver) from Nongpok Keithelmanbi, who escaped unhurt in the firing narrated that they were abducted by four armed cadres of KNF (N) from Itham along Thoubal river on January 26 night and taken to different villages and finally reached Jalenbung village. While they were taken to the auto rickshaw the firing incident took place.
In the firing one cadre of United Tribal Liberation Front, UTLA Thangminlun Khongsai (25) was hit by bullets at right chest and left leg. He was taken away by KNA cadres and kept at Nomjang village.
People at Sekmaijin demonstrated a rally condemning the killing of the workers engaged in water reservoir construction work in Jalembung area.
People hold placards embedded with “We condemn killing for ransom whether it is by KNF (N) or UTLA” “We condemn killing of labourers”.

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