Iron Lady proves her ability

World boxing champion Iron lady L. Sarita Devi has proved her talent by defeating her Hungarian opponent Zsofia Bedo in the IBC Fight Night held at Khuman Lampak Indoor Stadium today.

The dream she had to fight in her homeland came true with the coming up of the Indian Boxing Council organising professional bouts in the ring.

Sarita said, “I have come up to this spirit with the support of the people who encouraged me when I was discriminated in the 2004 Asian Games, and every credit of today’s success goes to the people of Manipur who helped me pay a huge fine. I am trying to prove I am not guilty.”

Sarita for the second time as a professional fighter will be fighting in the ring for the IBC professional boxing fight series to be held at Hyderabad onFebruary 25. “Then I will go to Kolkata for my next fight” said the winner.

Sarita yesterday vowed to knock down Hungarian veteran boxer Zsofia Bedo when she faced off with her opponent ahead of the IBC Fight Night.

World champion of 2006, Common Wealth 2014 silver medallist and Asian games Bronze medallist Sarita is making her first professional boxing debut taking on Zsofia.

Sarita ahead of the fight night asserted to knock down her opponent in two rounds. However she couldn’t make it out if Zsofia fall down in the second round. In her first debut as a professional boxer Sarita has successfully shown herself as a true boxer by defeating the experienced professional Hungarian boxer who fought 59 bouts in her carrier.

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