After the first breakthrough in Induced Breeding of Sareng was achieved very recently by a team of Sareng growers led by Chungkham Kopeshwor Singh of Wangoi Makha Leikai, string of successes of Induced Breeding of Meitei Sareng (Wallago attu) have been reported in the State.

Laimujam Dinamani Singh of Tentha Mayai Leikai in Thoubal District has achieved a milestone in Sareng Breeding on July 4 when he successfully hatched Sareng seeds in consultation with the fisheries experts of Fisheries Department, Manipur. Similar feat is also achieved today by Ningthoujam Basanta Singh of Khordak Ichin, Bishnupur District. Basanta Singh assisted Kopeshwor in the historic breakthrough of breeding of Meitei Sareng in the last week of June this year. In less than a fortnight, three Sareng farmers have been able to achieve the aquaculture milestones in an unprecedented manner.

Local fish farmers adopted Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) mixed with scientific knowledge facilitated by the officials of Department of Fisheries, Manipur while performing the breeding. There is no widely practiced Breeding Protocol of Wallago attu locally known as Sareng as no specific scientific hatchery techniques has been prescribed or developed by the aquaculture experts in the world so far.

Expressing happiness over the success of Sareng Project, Heisnam Balkrisna Singh, Director of Fisheries, Manipur said that the success of induced breeding by the fish farmers of Manipur is a significant milestone in fisheries world. He informed that the Department of Fisheries will soon develop a Standardized Breeding Protocol and initiate Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).  Further, he announced that the successful Sareng breeders would be honoured befittingly in the National Fish Famers’ Day celebration at the State Level to be held on 10th July, 2024 in recognition of their consistent efforts and hard works. (DIPR)

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