Imphal: Following heavy shower on Monday the district magistrate (DM), Imphal West has informed all concerned that the major rivers in the district have touched the Warning Level in lmphal area and about to touch the Flood Level as on the evening of Monday.

The India Metrological department vide its Special Weather Bulletin have forecast Heavy to Very Heavy rainfall activity over Manipur for next the next 5 days.

The catchment areas of the major rivers like Imphal River and Nambul River are reported to be receiving coninuous rainfall, said an advisory by the magistrate.

Considering the facts, the public in general and the people located in the river fronts, river banks or close to the river course have been asked to Stay Alert for any possible breach of the river banks or embankments or overflows.

The public are also requested to be vigilant and inform any government authority (including DC office or police stations or Water Resource department or any other office) at short notice for immediate intervention of the government so that life and property can be protected, the advisory said.

The same advisory has been issued by Imphal East district deputy commissioner on this day.

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