Imphal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has invited all the like-minded people to help him in his efforts to ensure normalcy and peace in Manipur.

The Prime Minister sought for the help during his reply to the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address to Parliament in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.

Recalling his elaborate speech concerning Manipur in the previous session of Rajya Sabha, Modi reiterated that the government was continuously making efforts to ease the situation in Manipur. He said there were more than 11,000 FIRs lodged and more than 500 wrongdoers were arrested during and after the unrest in Manipur.

The Prime Minister said, “We must acknowledge the fact that the incidents of violence in Manipur are on a continuous downward trajectory. This means that the hope for peace was a definite possibility in Manipur.”

Modi informed the house that today schools, colleges, offices and other institutions were functioning normally in Manipur. Even the development journey of children was not hampered in any way.

The Prime Minister underlined that central and the state governments were in discussion with all the stakeholders to ensure peace and cordiality in Manipur.

He highlighted that the Home Minister himself led the efforts of peace from the front by being in Manipur. He further added that even the senior officials were pressed into the task of finding solutions to the problems and ensuring peace.

The Prime Minister expressed concern about the difficult flood situation in Manipur currently. Informing the House that 2 companies of NDRF were deployed for the flood relief work, Modi stressed that the central government was closely working with the state government in relief efforts.

Modi underlined that it was the time and duty of all stakeholders to toe the political and party lines to ensure peace and normalcy in Manipur. The Prime Minister also requested the dissidents to stop provoking and further endangering the security situation of Manipur.

He reminded the House, “The social conflict in Manipur is deeply rooted with a long history, leading to the imposition of President’s rule 10 times since independence.”

Taking note of the 5-year-long social conflict in Manipur from 1993 onwards, Modi emphasized that there is a need to handle the situation with wisdom and patience.

The Prime Minister emphasized that he has learnt the importance of federalism from experience as he was the chief minister of state before stepping foot into the Lok Sabha and became the Prime Minister of India.

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