Imphal: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scared Manipur people and for this reason he does not visit Manipur during this prevailing crisis that erupted on May 3, last year, said Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee president Keisham Meghachandra on Tuesday.

The Manipur PCC lambasted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not visiting Manipur even once during the crisis.

Meghachandra addressed a group of reporters at Congress Bhavan here on Tuesday.

He criticized Modi for prioritising foreign tours neglecting the burning issue of Manipur, and said it was a pity.

Rahul Gandhi visited Manipur soon after becoming the opposition leader, demonstrating his commitment to the people, he added.

He said it is unfortunate that Modi spoke on Manipur issue in the recent Parliament session for only around eight minutes, after the opposition leaders and the MPs of Manipur pressed and protested to speak on Manipur.

Congress is ready to remain silent and give full support if the government is committed to restore peace in the state within a specific period, he added.

Rahul’s visit to Manipur was purely a humanitarian visit with a clear message of peace without crossing any political boundaries. He extended gratitude to all the supporters and well-wishers of Rahul Gandhi during his visit.

Rahul Gandhi visited Manipur on Monday. He visited Churachandpur and Bishnupur districts where he met the crisis displaced persons at relief camps. He met governor Anusuiya Uikey at Raj Bhavan, here.

The opposition leader received memoranda from various communities during his visit. The memorandums will be a suggestion in raising the Manipur issue in the Parliament.

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