Imphal: Few hours before the arrival of Rahul Gandhi in Manipur, armed militants attacked Manipur police in Phaiton village, Tamenglong district, on Monday.

The incident occurred on Monday as the police, along with the Manipur Fire Service, attempted to extinguish a fire in the village.

Central forces apprehended two suspects from the area, along with their weapons.

According to Jiribam police, they received information around 3 am on Monday that a police outpost in Phaiton village had been set on fire by unknown miscreants. Acting on this information, district police and a fire tender rushed to the scene. However, armed militants who were already stationed in the village opened fire on the state forces. The state forces retaliated from inside their armored vehicle.

The exchange of gunfire, which included the use of lathode bombs by the militants, continued for several minutes.

Phaiton village, in Tamenglong district, borders Jiribam’s Gularthol village, approximately 6-7 kilometers from Jiribam police station.

A combined team of 39 Assam Rifles and Central Reserved Police Force also rushed to the spot and conducted a search operation in the area.

Social media reports and viral videos showed some Kuki women attempting to prevent the central forces from continuing the search operation, but the forces overpowered them and proceeded with their operation.

Police reported that the firing had ceased at around 5 pm, and the combined central forces apprehended two suspects from Phaiton village, seizing weapons.

They were handed over to Tamenglong district police for further verification. No casualties were reported. The front mirror of the fire tender was damaged.

The Manipur Crisis erupted on May 3, last year, has resulted in over 60,000 people being displaced, more than 200 deaths, and many missing persons. After a period of relative calm for 2-3 months, the violence reignited on June 6 following the murder of a 59-year-old man in Jiribam district.

Recently, unknown miscreants set ablaze a police outpost in Phaiton village.

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